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Kickstart a designer's, developer's or marketer's career with a Hire a Junior job listing. Just £99 per week, including an £8 donation to CALM, the campaign against living miserably.

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Job Listings for £99 per week

Hire A Junior specialises in connecting you with junior-level Designers, Developers, and Marketers. These passionate new entrants to the industry often bring with them lots of experience from other fields or exploration, making them ideal candidates for your business. Their passion and eagerness to learn means they quickly adapt and evolve to help your business. Hiring a junior is a great investment.

Our job listings include:

  • Job Outline
  • Necessary Skills
  • Desired Skills
  • Where and How You’ll Work
  • Location
  • Hours
  • Equipment
  • Salary
  • Holidays, Events and Extras
  • The Hire a Junior Promise

A Focus on Skills

At Hire A Junior, we focus on tangible demonstrable skills, rather than an arbitrary number of years experience. This means that instead of asking for “Four Years Experience with Sketch”, we’ll look for “Experience with including demonstrable experience with:” and then the features you and your company actually use. This way, we can all be certain of a match.

The Hire A Junior Promise

We promise that every job listed on Hire a Junior has veen vetted for its suitability for a Junior Designer, Developer or Marketer. This means:

  • The interview process will focus on what you can demonstrably show, rather than an arbitrary number of years experience.
  • The minimum term contract for the job is SIX months.
  • You will be paid at least the UK living wage (£8.72 per hour), even if you’re under 25.

Our Prices

Our job listings cost £99 per week.

This covers:

We reserve the right to amend these prices at any time and without notice. (Though, we’ll always try to give notice if we can)