About Hire a Junior

You've probably got a few questions about Hire a Junior and the people behind it. Hopefully, you'll find all the answer you're looking for just here.

Our Mission

The mission behind “Hire a Junior” is simple. For years now, we’ve seen a whole generation of Junior Designers let down by an industry that’s ill prepared to employ junior designers, developers and marketers and help them level up in their career.

Jobs boards are full of calls for “Senior” or “Lead” roles, but very few listings for juniors exist. And when they do, they’re often shut off from true juniors with an arbitrary expereince requirement.

At Hire a Junior, we believe in finding jobs for real juniors. The modern junior is an incredibly passionate and capable person, willing to learn on the job, and do the work that’s needed to take everything to the next level. We fight for those people.

Our Job Board

A major manifestation of our mission is our Job Board, which is set up to ONLY list open opportunities for juniors. Because of this, we have a set of rules we live by:

  • Job listings must offer a contract length of at least 6 months
  • Job listings must be for paid-for jobs (preferably at the Living Wage or above)
  • Job listings must NOT require a minimum number of years experience

By following these three simple rules, we’re able to create and foster an employment community that’s beneficial to juniors and their employers.

Our Resources

We create and share resources we believe will be beneficial to junior job-seekers and their employers. This may, for exmaple, include tips for an upcoming design interview or developer code test.

Disclaimer: Whilst we put love and care into these resources, we cannnot guarantee success from reading and implementing what they say. (I wish we could).